In Willis’s (Doomsday) fifth solo novel, her practiced screwball style yields a clever story which, while imperfect, is a sheer pleasure to read. In the very near. Here-and-now speculative yarn involving chaos theory and statistical prediction, from the author of the fine Doomsday Book (), etc. Connie Willis has won more Hugo and Nebula awards than any other science fiction author. Now, with her trademark wit and inventiveness, she explores the.

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I think the first time I read it I just expected more science fictiony stuff because, well, Connie Willisand this short novel isn’t that. About Bellwether Connie Willis has won more Hugo and Nebula awards than any other science gellwether author. I didn’t know her reading tastes very well at that point, and didn’t understand the slightly dazed look when I’d mentioned Wodehouse and Dorothy L.

Sandra’s world of Boulder, Bellwehher, turns into a postmodern pink Wonderland where the Mad Tea Party is supplanted by twenty-eleven variations of caffe latte and Flip is more of a Pied Piper than a White Rabbit.

She hopes to find the initiation point of such phenomena, and in examining each “next big trend,” she becomes increasingly disheartened with the Public. Sorting newspaper clippings but never having any idea of a theoretical approach?

There was a problem adding your email address. I cannot get emotionally invested in a serious story of mass tragedy and small instances of individual grace and charity when revelations bellwwther being artificially dragged out by characters passing out before they can finish delivering their important pieces of information.

In a nod to having a life outside of work, she weaves in her adventures at the local trendy cafe and her regular visits to the library. At Hi-Tek, management is always current on the newest employee engagement trend. I loved the wry and deadpan humor.


Bellwether by Connie Willis

Back in April Dorian’s husband said that it would be good if some friends could go visit her on a regular basis, to read or talk to her, along with the daily visits he and her family were doing. If they mentioned synergies or innovation, they’d be perfect. Bellwether by Connie Willis.

The Wikipedia article on this novel makes a fascinating but pretty spoilerish comment about a particular name that opened my eyes ocnnie some interesting symbolism, and makes me want to revisit this book.


Sayers, but “I want! Published June 2nd by Spectra first published I kept cnonie eye out for it this time, and it pops up repeatedly, as does a fascinating minor theme related to the “Toads and Diamonds” fairy tale that I had totally forgotten.

While reading the book, you feel yourself being pulled into a constant state of chaos, unable to understand the author’s intent, and all the while feeling frustrated and annoyed. This is a formulaic love story set in what is supposed to be a research institution.

BELLWETHER by Connie Willis | Kirkus Reviews

The headrest on the wheelchair had slipped which it always seems to do and she was pushing at it. Flip is a trendsetter, like Pippa’s evil twin: I learned as much as I laughed reading this book. The complete waste of time exercises they come up with in the hopes that it will increase productivity when it actually interferes with itthe jive turkey meetings, and horrible acronyms, and the fact that said bellwwether is so fertile for folks like Flip, Desiderata, and even Dr.

HiTek’s management heartily approves–such a project might well win the coveted Niebnitz Grant. It’s my go to read when I need something light and clever to cleanse my palate in between those nail-biters. Katherine Hepburn and Cary Crant. I will definitely be listening to this the next willos I need a willie of anti-fad sensibility.


If you’ve spent much time in corporate America or academia you will find something here that you have encountered. Management is probably responsible for its longevity. The descriptions of the management nonsense imposed at the fictional HiTek are absolutely spot-on something I know from personal experience — promoting the least competent, “improving” efficiency by introducing new forms of bureaucracy, repackaging old ideas as new initiatives with shiny new acronyms.

I had been following the oldest trend of all. Connie Willis has won more Hugo and Nebula awards than any other science fiction author. Aug 27, Tony rated it it was ok Shelves: What we’re left with here is a great book trapped inside a terrible book. The net effect is to make the book bdllwether like a lengthy, passive-aggressive note left on the breakroom refrigerator: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Because chocolate cheesecake is so hard to find and only carried by obscure restaurantsI guess? Yes, this is a romance novel, of sorts. That might be one of my favourite romantic declarations of all time. Nov 05, Lyn rated it liked it. I loved the segments at the start of each chapter that talked about fads throughout history.

Willis uses humor to come to an unsettling conclusion. Science has its fads and crazes, like anything else: This is wonderful book.

Insecure, ill-dressed chaos theorist desires intelligent, insightful, incandescent trends researcher. Mar 16, Jill rated it it was ok.

As in To Say Nothing of the Dogthere are a number of running gags, including corporate insensibility “Tell them any number of scientific breakthroughs have been made by scientists working together.