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As the shirt cleared his head he stopped in his tracks. These Books Too Gay for Amazon. His body was sun-dried after his bathe, and he could feel his hair clinging damply transgresions his skin. The ending was appropriate, but could have had a bit more dedication and depth. Then, one day, he’s ‘cured’.

Jonathan can never be the same man he was before. With the exception of one brief scene, they don’t see each other again for a good pages. The old English tongue of Jonathan with thou, thee and whilst enhances the feel of the time period even more. The background for Transgressions is the English civil transvressions a rather dark and depressing period that the book describes in vivid detail.

David noted that he was biting his bottom lip as if keeping himself in check. Unfortunately, David erasyes lazy, vain and self-indulgent. Jonathan Graie stood by the woodpile, ostensibly filling the log box, but in reality he was watching David, one hand frozen on the next log, staring as the young man washed himself.

Of course other feelings are budding besides the camaraderie and because this part encompasses a longer period of time Erastes created a believable and gradually increasing of intimacy. Circumstances conspire against them though and they are forced to take separate paths: David is the son of a wealthy at least according to the town standard blacksmith; in the first scene we see David as he will be for all the novel, a young blond god basking in the sun while instead he should have been at work.

The first half of the book is five stars and the last half is three stars, s. I had no clue what was in store for me but I was more than willing to find out how this romance would affect me. His suppressed emotions tore to the surface like bubbles trapped underwater, the love he felt emerging, suffusing his soul, and joining him to David as surely as if they were manacled together. Jan 10, Xondra Day rated it liked it Shelves: Moony Eliver Ooooh good! As I have said, I didn’t really like David too much at the beginning.


This did not prevent David doing any of these things, but it did mean that most of everything that he enjoyed he was forced to do in secret in his attempt to keep his father from being disappointed. He is dreamy, idealistic, self-centered, impetuous and restless.

To ask other readers questions about Transgressionsplease sign up. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jonathan, this is my son David of whom I have spoken.

Erastes (author)

On my first reading, it seemed this might have been a convenient way for David to learn “the ropes. David and Jonathan suffered incredibly in loving one another and their road back to each other is heartrending.

To begin, all the eastes Caverly, Johnathan Graie, and Tobias—are good, strong characters; well-defined and distinct.

Instead of leaping through years to get to the end, I really wish more stuff had been explored like Jonathan’s recovering after Michael and his rise through the ranks to become General. His father turned towards their cottage. As usual Erastes has chosen a powerful atmosphere and setting in the English Civil War sbetween the forces of Parliament and the Royalists; more specifically, between Oliver Cromwell and Charles I.

Erastes manages that difficult job of writing using suitable language for the historical period, and utilising metaphors and imagery that at times astounded me with their aptness and beauty. Jun 02, Becky Black rated trabsgressions really liked it Shelves: Part of me feels like this is harsh but I do have my reasons.

Its complexity lies mostly within the characterisation as well as a little in the circumstances that these men endure. He is the son of Jacob, the local blacksmith. There’s at least one moment that will stay with me for a long time, the shock of the twist and the visual of it are highly effective.

I found the story deeply affecting at times and could hardly bear to put the book down. This [unintelligible scribble] reminds me of Shadow Spinner’s interpretation of Nights — when? Tfansgressions the opportunity to desert, David heads to London to lead a secret life, unaware that Jonathan too has left the forge in search of him. Overall, good, engaging characters, great background. David is introduced to man love via a soldier and suddenly gets more grip on his feelings for Jonathan and wants to explore this new side of their bond.


Transgressions | Erastes

As I have stated before, the writing is very good. This helps rransgressions keep up a feeling that of course they will eventually get back together. As an author, she delivers the complete package. The beginning was good, and although It wasn’t a page turner, it did keep me coming back for more.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Now that we know better we can all relax.

The sex scenes are very much tied in with the character development. Secondly, I was left with a number of questions at the end of the book both in terms of other characters whose fate we never discover and in relation to David and Jonathan’s relationship.

It deserved way more attention than it got overall. The two heroes experience believable character growth, there are some fascinating and occasionally downright scary supporting characters, and Erastes gives just enough information about the politics and beliefs of the time to give the novel texture, while never overloading the reader. Aug 08, Michael Joseph rated it it was ok Shelves: So apart from etastes brief meeting that of course, just makes things worse!

They become lovers when Jonathan comes to work as an apprentice as the forge owned by David’s father, but then David runs off and joins the King’s army setting is the English Civil War when he’s falsely accused of rape by a local girl trying to trap him into marriageand since he tends to lie every time he opens his mouth even Jonathan doesn’t believe his denials.

He took a deep breath and forced himself to speak transgression a little more civility.