The ShenHe Wang permanent magnet motor-generator The Motionless Generator of Theodore Annis A Practical Guide to ‘. The Karl Schappeller Device – Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices. free. Views. 6 years ago. Karl, · Schappeller, · Device, · Practical. Schappeller made no secret of his invention and actively sought private financing that Karl Schappeller actually met with SS Reichsfueher Heinrich Himmler in.

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Cases and reportsclaims processed byand schappelller records of the Property Control Branch of the U. But the periphery of the core contacts with the special inner lining — a suitable ceramic — of the Stator Sphere, and this peripheral or surface energy will be converted into heat, but on a relatively very moderate scale. Bloch Wall, a gravity wave source as a function of the electromagnetic spectrum? Rudolf Steiner than outlined the principles of the application of this force as source of a new energy Tubes, circuit and earthling.

This means that the bulk of the magnet is inside the steel ball, one opposite the other. Schpapeller purposes of production of Schappeller spheres, a complete electret manufacturing plant would have to be set up which had no parallel in present science 9.

Whether it is driven hard or just sits in the garage does not matter in the long run because what happens to the car is that it starts to fall apart. So we now have as our guide the fact that the appliance must be capable of schappekler receiving and holding an electromagnetic charge, the form of which must be spherical.

It represents as it were a “power-field” concentrating on the central point of the Sphere. The actual design and solution of all the various problems in the production of such ships, the choice of methods of propulsion,whaether independent or directional, belong to the new Technique,whereas here we are only interested in the principle as applied to the problem of Gravitation.

Inventor Karl Schappeller Right: The author halves this again and calls it — a very low figure.


The Karl Schappeller Device – Free-Energy Devices

Before you can work with this force you must demonstrate its presence. This is really a steel wheel of special design fixed actually on the shaft to be driven The position of the Rotor relatively to the Stator is the position of the reader when studying the drawing.

We have now four poles and a split bar magnet with a gap in its center section. We have all seen these two systems working schap;eller in everyday life. Yet besides electromagnetic radiation many people now believe that in the depths of space there resides another form of energy with is schappeler there as well as everywhere else all around us.

Additionally, the branch negotiated interzonal movement of German-owned property with other elements.

The Karl Schappeller Device – Free-Energy Devices – PDF Drive

They never abandoned aether physics. The master cylinder is connected by metal tubes full of fluid to each wheel.

There will be a demagnetizing or “braking” effect on that portion of the pole not in mobile exchange with the Rotor, which at AB max.

The Cosmos itself functions, as we have seen, by stressfield on stressfield or vacuum on vacuum. Further, there is no need to look for something separate called “anti-gravity”. In this interpretation of this diagram, we are really dealing with two separate devices.

Suppose, therefore, we produce a magnetic field of spherical form, that is, wind our wire in the form of a sphere, and provide it with a suitable support and covering. You might try crystallization processes to which organic substrata are added. Employing the Schappeller mechanism is only half the total explanation.

In the Primary Technique the concentrated stressfield is drawn in, catalyzed, and forced out in one cycle as a stressfield.

These fixtures might be, for instance, Tesla pancake coils. But we have not the facilities of the Cosmos, and so we can only accomplish this by setting up a magnetic field which will concentrate a pressure on the center of the hollow space; but this must not, as we have seen, be a gauss field. This can easily be appreciated as to electromagnetic radiation but it is also true of that very elusive schappelle called gravity.


We will pick up this theme again in the discussion section of this book. Indeed, the biggest problem facing the use of such an engine may be employing means to stop it. How can gravity be a push when we know better? Laws of physics are written using inanimate examples.

Again, all energy is radiant energy whose fundamental basis is aether radiation. A seventh unit would be employed to rotate the rotating five spheres and so would be offset, and not attached to the others.

At least one aim of the RAG was to make Germany self-sufficient in energy production. The electric generator would gather electric energy, feeding the four large broadcasting fixtures on the walls of the saucer. There is a similar medical application to healing, radiology, diathermy and electrotherapy through ionization of the particular salts or drugs required by any given condition of the body, and multifarious other applications See Part III.

Karl Schappeller – Free-Energy Devices

The bar is then said to be magnetized; the magnetism in the bar is polarized magnetism, the one pole, as we have seen previously, is hydrogen and the other oxygen energy; the neutral center is carbon energy, and the polarizer is carbon energy in the steel. All things in a relative state of relative order move toward a state of disorder.

The first concept to be considered is cold. This will occur unless the system is re-charged with additional kzrl energy. Structure of the Schappeller Device According to Davson’s description upon which we will rely, the Schappeller device is really composed of two separate units, the rotor and the stator.

But hollow copper wires or tubes alone will not enable a suitable magnetic field to be produced. Imagine a new automobile just coming off the assembly line.