One of Africa’s most distinguished writers, Chinua Achebe, has There was the madman who reported back to his hinterland village after what must have been. In spite of the success of Chinua Achebe’s short stories, critics have paid some of the stories especially “The Madman” and “Civil Peace” pass. In his short story, “The Madman”, Prof. Chinua Achebe (of blessed memory), easily Africa’s most celebrated novelist of the twentieth century.

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From our class discussions and his writings it’s clear to tell his writings are filled with irony, yet the way he portrays this irony is in a very pessimistic point of view. We cannot, for instance, be sure of who is actually sane, in all sincerity, in the context of this story. In his short story, “The Madman”, Prof.

The significance of Chinua Achebe’s short stories – Part 1

The Sitting Bee, 12 Nov. What becomes important is not whether a story focuses more on the mental process or physical but if such focusing works towards wholeness… So for a short story to be successful, readers must recognize in the working, a familiar and useful sense of wholeness. Again, madan it safe to think that Nwibe’s emotion is in excess of the reasons for his action as they appear, and he specially contrasts it with the madman’s negative acheve insignificant personality?

He becomes quiet, withdrawn and begins to avoid engaging with those in the village. Despite its shortness, it is a wholesome presentation of a complete experience.

It’s hard to imagine what being out casted could do you mentally. The very fact that Nwibe is apparently content with running stark-naked, even into the market thhe, arouses our misgiving.

If anything there is a sense at the end of the story that the incident with the madman has left Nwibe a broken man. Farther back in history and tradition, we find the Bible account of King David who feigns insanity as a means of escape from enlistment into the Philistine army against his own people of Israel.


Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. They threw down their pots and fled screaming. Also the young children who shout at Nwibe as he makes his way to the market Nwibe ignores them and remains determined to reach the market.

Short Story Analysis: The Madman by Chinua Achebe – The Sitting Bee

Dermot Post Author September 5, 4: On the way, he notices some young ladies going in the opposite direction from the traffic to the market; they are returning from the stream with water pots on their heads. Achebe shows acgebe powerful control of the form by his artistic organization of the work such that the presentation shows a unique artistic rendition of various matters into one wholesome and captivating story.

On Eke day, however, Nwibe has to mediate a dispute between is elder wife It is another eventful market day. Unfortunately, because Achebe does this in a short story, it has received little critical attention.

Our Husband has gone Mad Again.

There Was a Country. Your email address will not be published. I will whip that madness out of you today”, convey, in fact, more than the obvious threat. A achrbe wrought short story has the richness and conciseness of an excellent lyric poem. Thanks for the aachebe and insight Nikky. What needs to be stated, perhaps, arising out of curiosity is that despite the numerous calls for critical interest in the short story, not many responses have been recorded.

Girls at War, and Other Stories – The Madman, The Voter Summary & Analysis

Even up until now, we must understand the existence of a tiny dividing line between the sane and irresponsible and the responsibly insane. Facebook Twitter Email Print.


But as the war wears on, she begins hte show weakness and needs to break her hard posture in order to survive the war.

Even though the reality is very much different. THESE TALES mirrors shatter where fragments glitter in disbelief bracing the unwary feet cutting through soft flesh piercing questions where are the children gathered around the fireplace? As a patriarchal society, women are not able to hold out on their convictions for too long before interference from men.

Yet as we had mentioned in class, the main character Nwankwo had picked up the girl only because Gladys nudged him into it. The involuntary transfer of clothes which only threatens possible disaster which, in fact, is still laughable, while it remains a private matter between Nwibe and the madman, suddenly assumes a tragic dimension the moment the first witness appears on the scene: But the novel by comparison is like breakfast in the open air on a summer morning; nothing is irrelevant… Although the story is rendered in a taut plot, it delivers the message and illustrates its theme quite succinctly.

In his comments on the wholeness of the genre, Billie Travalini says: I can see why Achebe would get depressed about that. Not him, but their mother. From this central irony of mistaken identities also emerges the ironic situation whereby a reputable “medicine man” loses his fame while a mere charlatan overnight acquires the reputation of the best “mad doctor” psychiatrist in town.

Despite the conflict that exists between two of his wives Udenkwo and Mgboye Nwibe is determined to advance within the community.