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comimssioning Clients should be made aware that any reduction in commissioning timescales will invariably result in future operational problems relating to the control system.

Panel ventilation is adequate for the hear load. Bus cobse and power cabling as specified. Further guidance concerning the tuning of control loops is provided in Appendix CA2. Test equipment Information concerning appropriate test equipment and performance characteristics is provided in Tables CA3.

Check that the loom is arranged to avoid pinching or looping when the door is closed and is fully supported at each end. Automatic control systems ‘. Functional requirements of any occupant interfaces. Flexible looms connecting door mounted to interior mounted components will not weaken or break with repeated door opening. The accuracy of such measurements will depend on the number of assumptions made when estimating the a b Control strategies: Regular database and configuration backups should be made throughout all stages of the commissioning process.

CIBSE Commissioning Code W: Water distribution systems (CCW)

Confirm that the correct plant is activated i n the specified sequence. The Code represents standards of good practice which are presented in the form of recommendations and guidance for the building services industry.

Control problems such as excessive plant cycling will have t adverse effect on control components such as actuators, while the excessive switching on and off of the plant will increase their maintenance requirements and shorten their operational life.

Check that any specified automatic overrides operate correctly e. It is particularly helpful if the control parameters can be displayed simultaneously. Check that logged data can be displayed correctly. The derivative term D is used to correct for rapidly fluctuating conditions. Integration between a BMS and intruder detection system usually involves the provision of a supervisory monitoring facility that transfers monitored data from an autonomous intruder detection system to the BMS operator workstation.


Check that co,missioning cross corruption of data occurs when the building control system shares a network with other IT-based systems. In certain conditions two-man working is mandatory, e.

Check the operation of any installed valve position indicator.

Where possible, use heat transfer curves of flow against output to check possible anomalies and confirm that the correct characteristic has been chosen. A loss of functionality will occur over the gateway. Functional profiles for any direct interoperability integration. Check that the reheat coil valve is in bypass when the control system signals a shutdown period. Check that any specified building graphics indicating the location of detector heads can be viewed along with the status of each detector.

In particular check the following: Check that the cooling comjissioning is fully open, the heating valve closed and the commissionint operates at high speed when an optimum start cooling operation is clbse from the control system. Others specified b c Set points C5. Wherever possible electrical equipment should be isolated before working using locked-off and local isolators.

Adjust the parameters if necessary. Check the high pressure fan cut-out alarms. The degree of beneficial interaction between the operator and the commissioning engineers will depend on the ability of the operator. This in turn requires adequate attention to commissioning requirements during the design of the system, and a clear specification of requirements.

Check that the as specified transfer of commissionihg over the gateway occurs.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

Manual pre-commissioning checking of the control logic can be complemented by the use of emulators, logic checking software and test rigs to confirm the correct logic of control strategies off-site. This specification information should include the following: Schematics of the systems to be controlled indicating the location of sensors and actuators.


Note commjssioning external switches and pots can be connected to a simulator for test purposes. The gain, expressed as a percentage, is defined as divided by the proportional band. Air systems a Removal of any commissinoing from the air distribution system. Requirements for the control system BMS operator workstation to be used t o assist i n t h e commissioningof plant.

This may involve one or more of the following supplementary checks: The hectic environment of a plant room during commissioning is not conducive to the checking of what can be very complex control strategies.

The following points should be taken into consideration when selecting ckde valve: The pneumatic air compressor system is ventilated in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and requirements.

Check for location codde labelling of switches and indicators including colour. Phased completion allows the checking and handover procedures to be coed down into manageabIe packages. Check that the variable speed pump modulates to obtain the specified pressure differential.

Shrouding and labelling of non-isolated equipment. T h e commissioning manager should ensure that the following have been completed. Note that in virtually all instances the control of smoke control plant is performed by hard-wired links from the fire alarm system. The main cibes of plant affected by seasonal influences are: The Code is equally applicable to new-build and retrofit applications.

Check that the low inside air temperature signal is independent of both the low outside air temperature and low primary heating return water temperature signals and that it takes priority over these two signals. Table 2 Off-site pre-commissioningtasks Pre-commissioningaction Control application software User interface software Control panels Wiring Communicationbus Sensors Actuators Integration gateways Pre-commissioningoff-site Yes final commissioningon-site Yes final commissioning on-site Yes final commissioningon-site No No No No Partial interlocks Check that in principle all interlocks are configured correctly.