Cognicion Y Aprendizaje – Fundamentos Psicologicos (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Anibal Puente Ferreras ; ; Reference works. Practicas de cognicion y aprendizaje / Cognition and learning practices: Fundamentos Psicologicos (Psicologia) (Spanish Edition) [Anibal Puente Ferreras. Cognicion y aprendizaje/ Cognition and Learning by Anibal Puente Ferreras, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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In both cases you should know how to switch cookies back on! To achieve this goal, a sample of sport center users was used and the psychometric properties of the EDS-R were examined through different analyses. The present study aims to analyze the dimensionality of physical self-concept through confirmatory factor analysis of the AFI questionnaire Esnaola, Structured survey of the literature.

The new scoring tables proposed here should be followed up with a clinical study to corroborate their validity. Two hundred and ninety nine athletes male, In computerized adaptive testing, the most commonly used valuating function is the Fisher information function. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot. It also suggests that physical activity is associated with the intention to continue being physically active and with healthy lifestyle habits.

Se discute la utilidad del instrumento, sus aplicaciones y limitaciones. Outgroup identification correlates with compensatory behavioural intentions and openness to negative information about the colonial war.

In general, boys present higher scores in externalizing symptomatology and depression than girls. Breakdown of foster care has been defined as the situation in which one of the involved parties terminates the intervention before having achieved the goals established for the case plan. A item questionnaire with high reliability.

It is assumed that each of the types of stimuli studied is in actuality perceived, which can be judged by the impact they have on occurring cognitive activity. As expected, feelings of group-based guilt show a significant correlation with compensatory behavioural intentions. The aim was to provide a taxonomy of the consequences of psychological violence and to validate this taxonomy, by means of a content analysis of 37 testimonies of victims of terrorist violence.


There were differences in the profiles of children identified as taking the roles by teachers and peers. Three studies were conducted to test this characterization. Implicit attitudes are more favorable towards women if they are studying Medicine and towards men if they study Engineering.

The sample was comprised of Argentine schoolchildren cogniciom 9 to 13 years old. Nevertheless, there is still no Spanish adaptation. It is possible to greatly improve item bank security with much fewer losses in accuracy by selecting several items with the matching criterion. Intra-observer and inter-observer reliability analysis showed high stability and reproducibility coefficients. In conclusion, life satisfaction predicts emotional well-being of patients with ischemic heart disease and it enhances the implementation of appropriate strategies to cope with the disease.

Moreover, Guttman effect in principal component analysis uncovered a unique phenomenon which cogincion that participants consumer vs. The psychometric properties were analysed with data from a sample of Chilean professionals working to physical disabled people.

Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Aprenxizaje. Los resultados muestran los niveles esperados de fiabilidad test-retest y consistencia interna.

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The consequences of group-based guilt are also analyzed. Each item is itself an objective test describing a hypothetical situation in which the subject must choose between three options, each with a different gain function but equivalent in expected value.

With this aim 3 types of stimulus were compared which for one reason or another were not afforded sufficient attention, namely: Resilience acted as a protective moderating aprendizxje between longer periods of unemployment and social functioning, a process mediated by detachment coping.

A sample of 3, participants was used. The psychometric properties of the SBI were examined through the following analyses: The differences found, concerning the general achievement pattern in each school year, might express aptendizaje maturational specificities puenhe the numerical representation system through development. The implications and limitations of this study are discussed.

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Results showed that the centrality of such an orientation naibal directly related to an interpretation consistent with the ultimate goal of Quixoteism Study 2and that its salience increases the likelihood of performing a high-cost prosocial behavior Study 3. Duda y Whitehead, In this study, which involved people of both sexes aged between 18 and 70 years, we analyzed the influence of these ideological variables of the perceivers and characteristics of the situation on judgments of a gender aggression — blaming the victim and exonerating the perpetrator.


The Fisher exact test was used for data analysis, with p. No se encontraron diferencias entre los grupos por la presencia o no de trastornos, ni entre el tipo de establecimiento educativo.

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The program was based on the media-literacy approach and has interactive format. The concept of prospective memory is relatively recent. La validez externa, sin embargo, es adecuada y el cuestionario muestra las correlaciones esperadas con otras medidas de personalidad.

Results revealed two distinct social representations according to consumption practice. Then, in order to examine its reliability and factorial structure, the instrument was completed by community participants. Other variables did not contribute significantly.

Correlations among the subscales indicated a related factor model, supporting construct validity of the scale. El autoinforme ha sido frecuentemente criticado por la interferencia de sesgos voluntarios e involuntarios, y falta de validez predictiva. Spanish samples showed sensibility to morality and helping behaviour but not with cleansing as a way to reduce their threatened morality.

Implications for personality and individual differences assessment are discussed. By the other hand, a receiver operating characteristic analysis was made to evaluate the ability of PSWQ to discriminate GAD from individuals with others anxiety disorders.

Currently there are twenty-one articles in neurofeedback for depression, among which only six present original experimental results. New scoring tables contextualized for our population based on the frequency of appearance in this sample are presented.