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James Whelan, James D. History and evolution, Sage, One is the notion of constituency in a digital age. The meeting took place over three days. This workshop was harder because although journalists were somehow aware of the risks, there was not such a clear idea and interest for combating threats.

Enhancing capacity of women in digital security and privacy advocacy — Welcome presentation by Mary Kiio and Yvonne Oluoch Honor of Sabeen Mahmud, a moment of silence for her death -Staying safe online presentation by Mary Kiio Discussion of various scenarios from the audience Digital Security Tools and tactics presentation by Yvonne Oluoch Privacy Advocacy presentation by Mary Kiio Group work and discussion Lunch break Afternoon session Group work and group presentations Tea break NB: Eco-innovation, responsible leadership and organizational change for corporate sustainability.

The organization of the Round Table with the workshop took place in several phases: Personal and collective stories of our struggles that form as bookmarks and knots to the long thread of feminist organising and movement building in issues as diverse as queer rights in Aceh, to sex work in Uganda, funding women’s rights organisations in Georgia, and building autonomous feminist internet radio networks in Brazil.

Não se perderam vidas, mas a vida perdeu-se

Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. You are a company that would like to sell crucial data on fa people or organizations to the deitar. The purpose of the this workshop was simply to learn to encrypt their mail.


How do we think through accountability in a movement where there is a diversity in terms of constellation of actors and how we relate to each other?

Feminist Principles of the Internet Perhaps the most important point of conversation at the MFI was the urgent need to break the binary between what is perceived as online and onground.

Rather than see them as distinct, to understand the flow and impact between one and the other, and where embodiment lies as a site of this intersection.

The everyday labour of organising that happens in the in-between times. This was coupled with edifar beatings. Put the shame where it belongs! How the Internet works?

The creation of this integrated program was only made possible by the coordination and the strong commitment towards joint efforts by federal ministries and bodies, as well as the effective participation of state and municipal governments.

This included the thinking behind f3mhackathon and also sought to explain a little about Sabeen Mahmud and why we were dedicating this special day to her memory. Improving the organization and management of extension. SWOT-analysis has been ek.

Arquivo Distrital de Braga – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Perhaps what is more important than consideration of which steps come first, is the shifting terrain of each component. This is a property of type Text. The results are obtained with the following research methods: For example, the backlash and attacks that are being faced by those who agitate patriarchy with feminist narratives in the public-private domain online.

The constant presence of organized civil society, with its councils and forums, and of the organized movements in the rural, helped to correct and increase the actions, and conferring legitimacy to the programs. To deal with such complex themes such as eradicating hunger and extreme poverty, the Federal Government began to integrate traditionally independent actions and programs.


La jornada de la Editatona Mujeres Nicas tiene dos momentos. Fala de abertura Privacidade: Meanwhile, in the performance of all of the above mentioned phases in the process of organizing the event is done visually designing, preparing for and printing of supporting educational and promotional materials, as well as procurement of workshop materials.

Exploring the integration of corporate sustainability into strategic management: This allowed simultaneous access to social policies and polices focused on agriculture and livestock activities, through a permanent set of public policies, such as rural credit, climate and income insurance, technical assistance and commercialization.

Sobre todo porque sabemos que el eco y humo de nuestras historias le comunican y provocan cosas a otras que las perciben de lejos. Yet, women’s movements tend to instrumentalise our engagement with digitally networked technologies. This conversation had many complex layers — from thinking about current disparity in internet access between and within geographical locations and people; to the commodification of our narratives and political actions as we rely on privatised online spaces for our organising; to the need to think about feminist digital infrastructures not just as technical responses, but a response that subverts the current logic capital of technology and access; to the ability of multiple connections and the forging of global political solidarities; as well as enabling muted voices within feminist movements as well as in the larger public to find kin and amplify their realities.