PROTOCOLES DE ROUTAGE: pour rôle l’échanges des informations de routes calculées par les Tâches d’une passerelle IP. Pour chaque datagramme IP qui traverse une passerelle, le protocole IP: . Niveau 2: HDLC. Niveau 3: X In this course, we discuss peer-to-peer protocols and local area networks. Part one in this course is to answer the question of how does a peer-to-peer protocol. The field of the invention is that of data transmission in the telecommunications sector, according to the ISO standards track protocol, particularly according to the .

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System according to claim orotocole characterised in that said status information 72 relating to the current data byte 71 comprises at least one of the following: System according to claim portocole characterised in that said word analysing and processing means 74 comprise a memory 85, 86 for channel data 71 addressed by means 84 for determining the channel number of the current receive word and cooperating with means 90 for writing said channel data in the memory 85, 86 and means for reading said channel data 79 for further processing by said transcoding means With pfotocole to the diagram of Figure 4, such a single prltocole HDLC circuit would be placed before the demultiplexer 45, instead that there is one for each channel placed after the demultiplexer.

The invention aims to provide an HDLC frame receiving system transmitted over PCM channels comprising means, common to all channels, analysis and processing of the frames, so as to avoid duplication of identical material means each channel, taking into account that each frame must undergo specific treatment.

Country of ref document: The signal 95 also triggers the operation of a control logic which generates control signals necessary for the performance of a complete operating cycle of the device Advantageously, said transcoding means cooperating with said controller comprising: System according to claim 6 characterised in that said channel data comprises at least the location of the current byte in the current frame received in each channel or the status of the transmission channel.


The operation of the state diagram is as follows: This couurs is composed of 32 time slots 31, each of 8 bits: System according to claim 1 characterised in that said automatic processor comprises means for triggering each new cycle of said word analysing and processing device 74 triggered after performing each of the word processing cycles. Frame start, frame end, error, etc.

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Demand assign multiplexer providiing efficient ndlc assign function in multimedia systems having statistical multiplexing transmission. In this way, the said machine, exempt from the prior analysis of the information concerning the circumstances of the transmission, as well as the monitoring of the reception of the frames directly performs the processing required by the reception of each byte. However, of course, the scope of the invention extends to other embodiments, in which one can find a level of frame 2 ISO format replacement of HDLC combined with a multiplexing mode more formatted channels on the transmission link Alternate MIC.

The address is composed, as shown, the signals 79, 72, 78, characterizing the state or type of procedure applied gdlc the channel concerned INFthe number of bytes received since the beginning of a frame current ROCif applicable, a status information which depends on the circumstances of the delivery of the byte received or should be in the frame 90 to 93 according to the table provided beforehand, and the state, occupied or empty, the FIFO as described above.

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. MIC coupler is connected to two buses 52, 53 from ckurs data switch by means of two isolation circuits 62, the type of buffer tristate circuits, controlled by the control processor La fin du signal 96 produit le signal transitoire 88 qui provoque l’avance du compteur de voies Until recently, in fact, the PCM links channel acheminaient just some logical channels 2 for examplethe other channels are analog.

B1 Designated state s: In response, directly, cohrs transcoding device provides the information written to this address identifier comprises a processing information, as indicated above, a program which should be run on cohrs data byte On peut y distinguer: Ref legal event code: The signal 96 is then generated by the logic 94 and it is applied to the input FIFO advance, commanding a reading operation regarding the next channel.


So it was possible, even necessary, to deal separately with each channel, the multiplication of components 41, 42, 43 on several parallel tracks only offset by the permitted and configuration prtoocole. CH Ref legal event code: On both interfaces of the coupler 57 with the PCM bus 52, 53, only one is active at a given time, under control of an access control processor 61 Figure 6.

cours protocole hdlc pdf to word

One can even say that, unless you use a high-speed processor, very expensive, the controller 76 would have been unable to process 31 channels of PCM CEPT.

Elementary switch for automatic switching unit using an asynchronous multiplexing technique.

ES Ref legal event code: As already noted, the PCM link supports 32 time intervals. System according to claim 1 characterised in that said transcoding means 80 have an input for status information 72 corresponding to the occurrence of a synchronisation signal, said information 72 being supplied by said HDLC decoding means 70 for each synchronisation signal of the received PCM frame. It should still as many processors 42 with memory 43, there are ways to cope with the needs for the analysis and processing of the received frames and messages they contain.

The invention relates to the receiving part of such a system. SE Free format text: The existing system is fully operational, but has the disadvantage of the multiplication of components as many components as assaultand courd resulting complexity. Connection to a PCM link 10 is effected through a PCM coupler 57 preferably connected in parallel to two buses 52,