Notes to the Annual Report and Accounts This PDF version of the Unilever Board meetings were held at the offices of Hindustan Unilever in. Hindustan Unilever is India’s largest Fast Moving. Consumer .. Annual Report Hindustan Unilever Limited Annual Report . BSE Limited.0 * 80 Fixed Assets Turnover (No. crores) Earnings.

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The agenda for the Finance and Accounts function of your Company is to assist in driving superior performance of the business, pioneer thought-leadership and develop future-ready talent in Finance.

Prior to acquisition, it was a third party manufacturing unit. With a single minded focus on the Perfect Store programme, your Company convertedenrolled outlets into Perfect Stores during the year.

HUL Auditor’s Report

In terms of the new agreement, the existing royalty cost of c. These documents will be made available upon request by any investor of the Company or subsidiary companies and shall be kept for inspection by any investor at the registered office of the Company. Your Company has taken safety programmes to the families and homes of employees, through ”Beyond Work Safety” campaigns, which have been very well received.

These guidelines have been issued with the view annua, provide Corporate India a framework to govern themselves voluntarily as per the highest standards of ethical and responsible conduct of business.

Based on audit procedures and relying on the management representation, we report that the disclosures are in accordance with huk of account maintained by the Company and as produced to i a The Company has maintained proper records showing full particulars, including quantitative details and situation, of fixed assets. Your Company has been preparing for migrating to Reporrt for the past year; changes across IT systems, Supply Chain and operations have been made keeping in mind the sweeping changes that GST would bring in.

reportt In our opinion, the Company has, in all material respects, an adequate internal financial control system over financial reporting and such internal financial controls over financial reporting were operating effectively as at 31 Marchbased on the internal controls over financial reporting criteria established by the Company considering the essential components of internal controls stated in the Guidance Note issued by the ICAI. Investors may visit performance are published in leading newspapers such as http: For this project, the Government of Maharashtra registered farmers who grow tomatoes over 1, acres.

The enthusiasm and unstinting efforts of the emptoyees have enabted the Company to remain as industry leaders.

Category wise Turnover Rs. Independent in terms of Clause 49 of the Reporf Agreement. The TCA provides for payment of royalty on net sales of specific products manufactured by your Company, with technical know-how provided by Unilever. The controls dash board allows the management to perform a thematic analysis of its control health across different processes and activities, time periods and responsibility centers.


This Policy specifically deals ahnual the review and approval of Material Related Party Transactions keeping in mind the potential or actual conflicts of interest that hu arise because of entering into these transactions. These are periodically reviewed, upgraded and tested for efficacy, adequacy, security and reliability. This means halving water, waste and greenhouse gases across the lifecycle of the products. Feedback from this survey forms the basis of holistic engagement plans which are reviewed consistently.

A Certificate of the CEO and CFO of the Company in terms of sub-clause IX of Clause 49 of Equity Listing Agreement, inter alia, confirming the correctness of the financial statements and cash flow statements, adequacy of the internal control measures and reporting of matters to the Audit Committee, is also annexed.

The Secretarial Standards Audit Report is given on page civil society organisations can 20088-09 together in an open and no. To make this product affordable to low income groups, your Company works with NGOs and Womens Self-Help Organisations to facilitate the availability of low-interest micro-loans.

Shakti ammas are also acting as your Company”s ambassadors to spread awareness of health and hygiene in deep rural India with limited media reach. What it knows, is that it requires all of us to work together for achieving a sustainable future. Category Wise Turnover Rs. Your Company, once again, retained its position as the No. Significant audit observations and fottow up actions reeport are reported to the Audit Committee.

Your Company has been taking steps to reduce electricity and water consumption in its manufacturing processes as well as control waste generation. Your Company works with many small holding farmers, small-scale distributors and micro- entrepreneurs for example Project Shakti in India helping them improve hlu skills and increase productivity. erport

HUL Auditors Report

At the end of the year, premium hair oil under Dove, comprising a special, light and non-sticky nourishing formula with precious oils and real flowers, was launched. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. However, as directed by the said circular, the repirt data of the Subsidiaries have been furnished under ‘Subsidiary Companies Rpeort forming part of the Annual Report refer page no. During the reoort, your Company recruited over 50 women to work on shop floors in its factories taking the total number of female employees on shop floors to Accordingly, the Management Committee reviews performance of categories basis new segments.


The Gul Global Compact is a symbol of followed by the Company in compliance with relevant Secretarial leadership in a complex business world and provides a forward Standards issued by the Institute of Company Secretaries of looking forum in which the United Nations, companies and India.

With world-class facilities and a superior science and technology culture, your Company is able to attract the best talent to provide a significant technology differentiation to its products and processes.

Maruti Suzuki India Directors Report | Maruti Suzuki India Director Details – The Economic Times

As per the Company policy, the Independent Directors retire at the Annual General Meeting held after attaining the age of The notice of Board meeting is given well in advance to all the seventy years, by not offering anmual for re-appointment Directors.

This was on account of a number of proactive and innovative initiatives to engage hu employees, the most significant being continuous and consistent business linked engagement, a vision for the future of the business and clarity and transparency to individuals on their own careers.

Annualyour Company reduced CO2 emissions by Subsequent to the approval of the shareholders at the Court Convened Meeting held on 30th June,to the Scheme of Arrangement for transfer of the balance of ” 2, crores standing to the credit of the General Reserves to the Profit and Loss Account, your Company had filed the petition for sanction rrport the Scheme of Arrangement with the Hon”ble High Court of Mumbai.

The training programmes vary for employees at different levels.

Directors Report of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

The global economy continues to remain under pressure from the ongoing political, policy and economic uncertainties around the world.

The Independent Directors of your Company have given the certificate of independence to your Company stating that they meet the criteria of independence as mentioned under Section 6 of the Companies Act, According to the information and explanations given to us, no undisputed amounts payable in respect of provident fund, employees state insurance, income tax, sales tax, service tax, duty of customs, duty of excise, value added tax, cess, professional tax and other material statutory dues were in arrears as at 31 March for a period of more than six months from the date they became payable.

In addition, effectiveness of operational and non- discussions to ascertain areas of concern, if any; financial controls is also reviewed by the unit heads.